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I'm a college sophomore of the art history/religous studies/linguistics/I'll figure something out eventually persuasion. I'm kind of a dudebro for the relative values of 'dude' and 'bro.' I get excited pretty easily over anything amusing or shiny.

My attention span could be charitably compared to that of a squirrel, so I'm always multishipping in several fandoms at once. And I like to settle love triangles in my fandoms the old fashioned way: with threesomes.

likes: art history, mythology, Latin, fanfiction, bookstores, museums, pinball, trashy novels, boxing.
    → these are a few of my favorite things (a collection of things I like) (f-locked)

politics: incorrect, pro-choice, there is no controversy to teach, free Truman, fuck ACTA, Drogo-Targaryen 2012. 

    → SHIP MANIFEST. (my favorite pairings by fandom)
    → "dude, check out this fanfiction" (a Suits Harvey/Mike pairing rec list)
    → a softer meme (comment-fic meme based on the webcomic a softer world)

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