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That is, SATURNALIA. Which, yes, I celebrate despite the fact that it is is now known as Christmas. Whatever. Ancient Rome for the win. 

For those of you who need a refresher on your Roman history/religion-- Saturnalia is a festival of light in honor of the god Saturn/the winter solstice. Depending on who was in power, lasted either 1, 3, 5, or 7 days, but it always starts on December 17th. Traditionally, it is celebrated by 1. not working, 2. drinking a hella lot, 3. gift-giving, both genuine and gag, 4. feasting, 5. publically sacrificing a pig to Saturn. Christmas wishes it were Saturnalia. 

What I propose it that we revive 1, 2, 3, and 4, and throw a weeklong interwebz party in which we give each other internet fandom-related presents (or, well, I give you all presents) and then we all overeat, drink too much, and don't leave our beds in the comfort of our own homes. Basically, a fandom stocking type thing on a much, much smaller scale for a magnificent and ancient holiday.


So here's what you need to do to be apart of this:

1. Fill out this form and leave it in the comments. 

<b>general interests:</b>   
<b>music:</b> (artists, genres, mixes you like)
<b>art:</b> (colors, themes, artists, fanart)
<b>fic:</b> (specific fics or general tropes, etc) 
<b>general requests/prompts:</b>  
<b>more than anything, I would like ______ for Saturnalia:</b>(be as vague or specific as you like) 
<b>helpful links:</b> (your list of fandoms/ships, Dear Yuletide Writer letter, fandom stocking, anything that might be relevant)

Alternatively, just leave a comment saying you'd like to receive a Saturnalia gift and I'll work with that, too :D

2. On the assigned days (below), check to see what you've received and/or post your gifts in the comments with your recipient(s) in the header. 

Monday, December 17th --  Meta 
Tuesday, December 18th -- Fic recs 
Wednesday, December 19th -- Icons
Thursday, December 20th -- Fanart
Friday, December 21st -- Fanfiction
Saturday, December 22nd -- Mixes
Sunday, December 23rd -- Gif party/Free-for-all/Oh, crap, I forgot to post this!

→ If you want to put your form in the comments, you are in no way obligated to make something for me or anyone else who leaves a comment. You will definitely get something from me, and hopefully if we have mutual friends they'll make something for you, too, but this isn't an exchange or in any way formal, so whatever you do is perfectly fine. 

Whoops! Sorry about the coding snafu for the form. Hopefully my edits have fixed it~?

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