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(fanmix→) hope I die before I get old: a marauders fanmix

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Then you should have died! Died rather than betray your friends, as we would have done for you!
                                                                                                                      Sirius Black to Peter Pettigrew, The Prisoner of Azkaban
& prongs
the marauders; 

  The brave boys of Gryffindor who would have done anything for their friends. 
  Remus Lupin
  Peter Pettigrew
  Sirius Black
  James Potter

Moony (the wolf)/ Remus Lupin;
  Studious and reserved, he is willing to overlook the sometimes mean-spirited 'pranks' of his friends because he is so grateful to have them.

Wormtail (the rat)/Peter Pettigrew;
  Neither as charming nor brave as his friends. Eventually, it is his betrayal that ends the Marauders.

Padfoot (the dog)/ Sirius Black;
  Handsome, pureblooded heir to the noble and ancient House of Black.

Prongs (the stag)/ James Potter;
    In love with Lily Evans, later the father of Harry Potter. 'He would have considered it the height of dishonour to mistrust his friends.'
this mix; 

  Focuses both on the actual friendship of the four, and its tragic downward spiral during the First War from suspicion, paranoia, and ultimately, betrayal.

  For [ profile] blue_eyed_1987 in the [ profile] waywardmixes exchange.

10 tracks; 30 minutes;

Needle In the Camel's Eye The Wolfmen (cover of Brian Eno)
  those who know, they don't let it show
  they just give you one long life
  let you go, oh, oh

Benefits of Lying (With Your Friends) The Apples In Stereo
  sometimes I can be myself, I can see myself, with a friend

My Generation The Who
  people try to put us down
  just because we get around
  they say dude look awful cold
  hope I die before I get old

With A Little Help From My Friends Joe Anderson & Jim Sturgess (cover of The Beatles)
  oh, I get by with a little help from my friends

Paint It Black The Rolling Stones
  no more will my green sea go turn a deeper blue
  I could not foresee this thing happening to you

This Is Why We Fight The Decemberists
  this is why, why we fight
  when we die we will die with our arms unbound

The Empty Threats of Little Lord Sunset Rubdown
  there are snakes out in the night
  all these kids have gone astray

Weighty Ghost Wintersleep
  I got out of bed today staring at a ghost
  who forgot to float away, didn't have all that much to say
  wouldn't even tell me his own name

Come Back When You Can Barcelona
  if all you wanted was me
  then I'll give you nothing less
  so come back when you can

The Kids Are Alright The Who
  I don't mind other guys dancing with my girl
  that's fine, I know them all pretty well
  but I know sometimes I must get out in the light
  better leave her behind with the kids, they're alright
  the kids are alright


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You have some amazing songs here for this quartet. This is one great mix!

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Just got to a computer now to listen to this - I adore it! I particularly love the cover of With a little help with my friends <3

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Great song choices!